Project Soothe is a global 'Citizen Science' project launched in 2015. Our goal is to create a database of soothing images that can be used to improve wellbeing.

So far we have received over 800 soothing image from Citizen Scientists (aged 12+ years) in 29 countries. A total of 1000 Citizen Scientists (13-79 years, 77% female) from 45 countries have evaluated these images online. Our ANOVA and regression analyses suggest that viewing 25 images significantly increased positive affect and decreased negative affect, irrespective of levels of depressive symptoms.

During this next phase of Project Soothe we are collaborating with a range of stakeholders within low and middle income countries to explore the utility of Project Soothe images in promoting mental health and wellbeing at local level. Our vision is then to co-produce wellbeing tools with stakeholders and young people within these countries to promote mental health and wellbeing as grass-roots level.

This project has be generously funded by the Scottish Funding Council's Global Challenges Research Fund.