In Belize, mental health care is offered in a variety of settings. In hospitals and clinics across the country, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (PNP’s) provide majority of the care, as there is a limited number of psychiatrists. In the community setting, there is greater focus on young people, as several youth organisations provide some form of counselling, and other psychoeducational programmes. One government counselling agency exists, however, they have limited counsellors who are over-burdened with case-loads. Within the school setting, only secondary schools have a school counselor, but the counselor to student ratio supersedes the recommended 1:250. The data on the prevalence of mental health in young people is lacking. The only available data on mental health is on suicides, because those have to be recorded. There is no current data on prevalence regarding other mental health issues. In terms of research, there is currently no available funding for a large scale research in Belize.